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Common Threads
Dan Roberson
Woven through our lives were common threads, They were almost alike but were not the same, Some strands we followed that nowhere led, As we chased dreams of fortune and fame, There were truths and lies we often said, But life gave each of us a different game, Life’s fabrics were woven and pieces shred, When money talked and called your name, I have no regrets for all that could have been, I avoided risks that would have brought me shame, My love was not squandered at slightest whim, Our common threads were not spun the same, You flirted with danger, went out on a limb, Looked for easy wealth that was lying around, Tried to convince yourself how life was grim, When things went awry and no money was found, You wanted to stay young, all fit and trim, While you waited for your ship to come in, You hovered at the edge of life’s rim, Never thinking about loss, just expecting to win, Common threads woven were not the same, I discovered that money couldn’t buy everything, Your threads spelled out a different name, You got your diamonds and had your fling, I made choices and my story became mine alone, You were convinced my decisions were rash, But relationships were important and I had grown, I could not compromise and turned down hard cold cash, Threads were woven into a pattern of my own, You needed more than I had to remain my friend, All the love we had shared and ever known, Could not keep us together at the end, But you were woven into my life, My heart still dreamed and called your name, Your absence cut through me like a knife, Common threads woven were not the same, I sometimes wondered how many threads, Needed to be woven to make you strong, And how weak would I be if I continued alone, Our lives turned out differently and oh, so wrong, Life offered you riches and you sold out, Money was more important than us being we, At death you’ll leave it all behind, I have no doubt, As death wraps us both, you’ll have the same threads as me.

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