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life as we know it
life is short so live it to the fullest everything in this world has a twist morals are important but distracting so try going against your morals before overeacting love never dies but it can kill you quick so be headstrong and the heartbreak won't stick heartfailure is the result of a failing heart so hold on to evry piece of life and live your life with no regret be smart a bad choice is a lesson for the weakhearted faith in forgiveness is faith in a headstart to a new beginning which means all resentment discarded life is not predetermined or plannned so don't think that everything is someone elses fault nothing is anybody's fault it just happens don't stop and try and understand if everything had a fault or purpose life would be meaningless there is no higher power you're in control so focus more on living life and less on what happens to your soul as long as you live life with a clean consience there is no bad choices made just the choices we make it's easy to make a mistake seperate th unintentional from the the intentional an you'll find that evryone intends on making a mistake you can dwell on it or shake it off and move on and just let your remorse fade money is greed if you don't believe me ask the government what comes for free and try and pick out some things you really need don't live life blindly everybody's got a trick up their sleeve we're all selfish people inside of everything we try hide we're all just living to die and dying to grieve all pain can heal and all stress can relieve just hold onto your last breath and wipe the tears that have been cried what's important is that you tried this is life as we know it live it or die to escape it it's your choice so you decide


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