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The Nowhere Groove
Stuart Birnie
So nice to be not the same yet so hard to find my way. In and out of doors but still so sure, filling dancefloors youíre cool youíre pure. Facing collision with a new disposition and trying to maintain that sometimes there is sun but mostly there is rain. Time is a not a concept I hear him creeping up. I turn I look him in the eyes and ask, ďwhatís up?Ē ďNothingís up Iím merely here and follow everyone but Iíve never followed anyone thatís like a loaded gunĒ. Peace and love are no reprieve with a heart upon your sleeve, pull apart every stitch in time and lets weave. Now Iím king but still no queen I see her in my dreams, when Iím asleep sheís awake or so it seems. Words you see the notes will follow, Anticipate tomorrow Never lend never borrow it only leads to being pissed off. Bus stop and booze shop suspicion makes you wanna, start a good religion that everyone will folla. Scratch that I know nothing but the importance of feeling, let the plan hatch thatís stirring then escape to leave them reeling. Feel so good didnít know I could but enough about me, lets celebrate the fact our eyes can see. Sure this road I woke upon does pierce the horizon, I bet though when I get there anticlimax is the poison. The nowhere groove down which I move presents itself infact, itís a necessary evil with which Iíve made my pact. Suddenly, so long, release! The wasted days and lonely weeks. Chances change we come of age and crash through an oasis. Places people just donít know, scared and scolded as we go, this is this weíre meant to go but deep inside I just donít know. Rain it falls as twilight calls last orders on this game of old, back to chances, only fear, your chances live and die right here.


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