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For a friend
Imperfect Dreamer
The tears we've hidden, The screams we've muffled, And the living testament that you are of friendship, You are all that matters to me. And when you're falling, know that I'm there to catch you. And if you're failing, I'll remind you of your victories. And when you challenge the depths of sadness, I'll wipe your tears away. But in this current time of trial, I can only hold your hand. For I fight this battle with you, and I'll have you know you're not alone! For in your blinding darkness, during your silent screams, and in your quite mindful, I'm here to with you. And nothing will I ever do to make it harder. For in my great and severe pain, I've found you to be my everlasting courage. You're the only one who has the key to making me smile again. And for that, you'll always be a light to me! I pray that God keeps you well.

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