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To earthquake victims by Nilotpal sarmah
Captive I am to your unsettling plight
as you are, of motherís harshest of truths,
worldís shocked eyes on these cruel sights,
pain, even time, is detained to soothe.
Motherís uncharted heart, whose dark rhythm,
caters to deathís dreaded but imminent dance,
a break on the victimized mortalís freedom,
and silent turns lifeís hope-tuned cadence.
Submerged houses and burning industrial structures,
preceding phase of which have sufficed with living
to all you humble souls, unfairly now you suffer,
and to the lost souls we are all grieving.
Industrial spillage and ensuing alarm,
a gruesome reminder of a war torn phase,
may all hands join and keep you unharmed,
with hopes that this war, may no life have to face.
Motherís rage the children has to confront,
caring minds and helping hands are our power
to their brotherís woes nations will step forth
to cleanse it out of this storm-hit bower.

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