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I Am - not sure who I am or what I want to become I Want - To Make A Change in the World I Have - trust issues and insecurities I Wish - I could impact other people I Hate - Not living up to the expectations I set for myself I Fear - Being pulled away from God I Hear - Music and become moved I Search - For answers to questions I Wonder - What I was put on this earth to do I Regret - Often, but realize why we have forgiveness I Love - easily and often get caught up in emotions I Ache - in my heart because I am depressed I Always - do the wrong thing, and forget to learn from my mistakes I Usually - repeat my wrong doings and have a hard time straying from habits I Am Not - perfect but I keep trying I Never - say no and follow the crowd like a coward I Rarely - spend enough time with God and fall down and pray I Cry - in private because I want to seem strong I Am Not Always - a follower I have lead in a positive way I Lose - weight to try and feel in control but in turn lose all control I'm Confused - about anything and everything I Need - HELP! I Should - pray more often because I need God I Dream - about darkness and strive to find light


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