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When A Clown Cries
Nothing is sadder than to see a clown cry they dress up silly and get hit with pie just for us to enjoy Love is in their hearts and they make it their life so when one cries the sight cuts a heart like a knife. notice when they smile… the world smiles too but their sadness is one thing that would make anyone blue. First comes a whimper, then elephant tears… and pain under a painted smile is perfectly clear for we all can see through it. Jolly is all they set out to be, and happy is what they want us to see. So when they have pain it is held so deep and they button up that sad heart. when it is sad that is… to make smiles for us to enjoy. So… because that pain is held back so deep. when a clown cries it is because… the pain is simply too much to keep. So when a clown cries give them a hug. let them know they don’t have to sweep that pain under a rug, because we are all the same even if all we want to do is entertain.

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