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Hungover by Live Well
Last night I partied
Came home late
Drank too much ,
Couldn' t walk straight.

Made it home
Somehow , someway
Enjoyed it then ,
Regret it today.

Head is pounding,
Stomach sore ,
Spent the night
On the bathroom floor.

Thoughts of yesterday
Shaded by gray
I try to picture,
But no display.

They say this happened,
But I just don' t know
I' m pretty sure,
I had fun though.

So Party up
And Drink it down
But it' s too much
When you' re on the ground.

Over do it,
And you' ll pay
With a hangover
That' ll last all day.

I say this now
As I' ve said it then,
I am never
Drinking again.

Tags: Live Well

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