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The hands that choke / The lies we've spoke / The truths we forget to tell / The more we seem to yell / And the more we seem to fight / Further from the light / Leaving behind my breath / That speaks of something left / Of the love we use to share / The less we seem to care / The truth is dead / As the lies Fill our head / But we did forget / The pain of regret / And yet I start to weep / With secrets I have to keep / Wanting something new / Missing me with you / And deep with in my head / I love you, was never said / Now your secrets make me weep / Putting me to sleep Then you whisper in my ear / You will find me here / And you love me still / When your feelings start to spill / Forgiveness is your gift / Then you start to Lift Me into the sky / And the Angel's start to cry / But please put me back to sleep / With dreams I wish to keep / Because I want to forget / And live my life with out regret.

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