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Ugg boots are also popular in the summer
I love summer. I love the sweltering hot days that almost immobilize you and make the only logical activities swimming and eating ice cream. I love the light summer skirts and sandals the company such weather, and the healthy dose of vitamin D we are all immersed in. However, as the days of 90-something degrees stretch on it's easy to look forward to sweaters and days spent sipping tea by a fire place. And with this fanciful imagining of fall days comes an inexplicable longing for something cozy...like ugg boots. I especially start to dream of lazy fall days as my summer schedule stays oddly hectic. I can just picture it: sleeping in till 10, making some coffee and toast and curling up on the couch with a novel in my softest sweat pants, cashmere sweater, and decadent UGG slippers. If I have to leave the house, there's a pair of Classic Tall boots by the door, to make the transition from indoor laziness to outside activity that much smoother. I guess in today's world what we all need every now and then is a lazy day of nothing, a day to pamper yourself and just relax with a book, a movie, or friends and family. The icing on the cake is the homey feeling from your favorite pairs of uggs. I'm happy to enjoy this hot season as it lasts, and to celebrate that ugg boots offers a lovely sampling of summer sandals, but I do look forward to cozying up to a day of nothing with a book and my fluffy UGG Coquettes! But the fashionable Ugg Boots took off in California especially. It was the Californian surfers who first fell in love with the uggs. Since then, though, the Ugg Boot has skyrocketed in sales and it is hardy well loved throughout the United States and in other markets as well. B2C | B2B2C

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