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Your still here
Destiny Ramirez
Your picture is next to me. I can see you,and feel every pain you felt. So where are you now when I need you the most? I'm holding onto memories,that you can read. So when I call or send you an email will you still get it? Will you love and forgive? Forgive me when I never spent time with you? I wish I can tell you,with whats happening right now. But sure enough you can see somehow. I'm I ready to face the truth? Face the fact that I'm just like you? Not in form but in spirit. Not in looks,but the pain I can feel it. Not gonna give up. Cause I am stronger,my heart is mended from love. I wonder if you can sleep where you at? Speak,live or take a nap? I know you have other things. On your mind,some things you can't handle. But I see your butterfly wings. Take me to your paradise. Light the way,and flow with the fire with my scented candle. I can feel your heart its healthy. Every heart beat,is every smile I seen. When I came to you house and welcomed me with a hug. Welcomed to be,in a house filled with wondrous,spontaneous,enlightened things. I can still say your remembered. Your not forgettable. Your unforgettable. So read this as I'm writing it. And I will cherish the love I get. Still from you cause your not gone. I feel your presences along the bond. We had. I know what I'm waiting for. But what I'm heading towards. Is what you adored.

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