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I'm slowly dissociating from this hopeless nation of greedy individuals, so I smoke haze daily and take oxycandy by the prescription full, Im miserable and missing a soul, I'm the literal deffinition of a little hole, I wish I had a black backpack full of empty mac bullets, if I had the last laugh just once I'd probably puke blood cause I'm allergic to being number one, but last seems ok, especially with a blast of cocain to my toe vein, why there you ask? Cause the other spots I blast collapsed last week, while I was jammin trash behind my knee caps to stop the bleeding, freeing up my soul one totem pole at a time. God don't let go of my, or I'm gonna die, fucked it, drop me too, I'm gonna fry, while doing back strokes in the lake of fire, cause I aint shit but a dope smokin liar, so perhaps Ima just grab a blow dryer , sit in the tub and get blowed even higher.

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