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Benjamin Quantum
Babe, you're a dancer, and you have dreams My baby is a dancer And she likes to let off steams With a dancin' And in the moonlight Ooh yeah There's us two walkin' Ooh yeah There's us two talkin' Dreamin' we're dancin' Cause dreams are for dancers. <3 in the moonlight, there is so much a man can tell you So much he can say You remain My power, my pleasure MY PAIN Baby, To me you're like a grown addiction that I can't deny Won't you tell me, is that Healthy, baby? Cause dreams are for dancers. Now it's just us. Not makin' any fuss. Because my dog got hit by a bus And now we're not together Because reality's a feather Shifted by the wind. Cause dreams are for dancerrrrrrs OH YEAH (Piano solo) OH YEAH (Organ solo) OH NO (Guitar solo) OH SNAP (Drum solo) (Trumpet solo) (Sax solo) (Bitchslap solo) Now we're sittin' in the moonlight Having sex, Talking about Lex- Ington and how cool my pool is. Cause dreams are fo- MOONLIGHT

Tags: moonlight

Benjamin Quantum
nice ;) <3333