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Complications,solved problems
Destiny Ramirez
Laying in our beds, memories jot through our heads. A prayer is said before we go to sleep, and hope what we dream? will one day come up above and will help up see that are lives are beautiful and heart warming there are no lies underneath. Through good through bad, all obstacles we face, our conscience in our mind, we now carry in our laps. All friendship, relationship, whether they go to waist.In the end, we all come back for forgiveness. The losts we faced, loved ones, that perished. Well now there safe and cherished. Like every happy sad momment we live through, we will let goof all badness and one day we will see the truth. And let the wings that are ready, let them unfold. Every lesson were giving in life. Is every might thats sacrificed. Every written and unwritten letter line to friends, and families, will be read and some ignored. Hearts are loved, and some are crushed, to the floor.Every slammed door. Is every mask being worn, hiding their faces from the world. Every flower that blooms. Its like a new born that grows to a wonderful age. Then begins life again.Losts and broken dreams, never the word" I Can't", cause you can. some you must let go. but others you keep in your heart. Courage we all find. Not in the world and it doesn't show up unexpecdictly, we must learn the real strength the feeling, from inside. With the power of GOD the angel, that bled for are sins, and never regreting what he did. Now we live in the same sacrifice that GOD was in. The same barrier, PAST, PRESENT,FUTURE. The hands of hard work. only one word" BELIEVE." Thats the only word we have. Unread letters,blank pieces of paper. but alll will be read and written it will all get better. If not now it will later. Unfaced fears. Time to open up. And they will all be clear. Nothings right. In sight, you must make it to the ability you want in life,to be. bring light. The salvation of our army. that fights for our country Fights Fights till their end of their lives. Quiet souls, need to express and let the door open to the world. Broken hearts need to part from what were left and take a chance to reach a star. Theres a way to say "Hello" and "Goodbye" but those tears should never begin or end with tears in the eyes. Life which begins and ends. Broken families that will mend. now the circle of life. Begins again. Written by : Destiny Ramirez


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