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Facing The Mirror
Keith Feeney
I don't know anymore I mean before I knew she was in the frame But I guess the pain That came with my willingness To go play in Saddam's sands Made her rethink her plans for me Cuz now when I call she don't answer me I landed in kuwait Ready to hear her elation On my coming home But now the phone just rings Till her voice mail picks up Fuck Now I start thinking I'm inadequate Then the voice in my head plays Devils advocate Telling myself she aint really want me And I believe him So forget her I tell me But her leaving my world Has left me unhealthy Someone help me Because this feeling of rejection Has left me with a pale complexion Sickly looking Depressed and speechless Toward the opposite sex I always said a woman Would never have me vexed But love'll make u retract nevers I stare in the mirror And the person looking Back is unfamiliar But someone said to me Great pain reveals the Innermost of a person But I've never been hurting like this Like my hearts been flirting with acid And the passage of time In this wasteland That has a thousand tents And McDonalds golden arches Has me blaming my tour But more and more hindsights Perfect vision shows me I can't blame my career path But blame needs to placed Otherwise I can't face The man I see in the mirror Because his stature is inferior To the man usually seen So I've begun a reclamation project Just to save myself From myself An I became my own rescue diver And I've dived deep to save the man you see Somedays are better than others Cuz some days a brothers mind wonder And I become lonely for her But I get through Persevere and maintain In hopes that one day my brain Will erase her face From my existence Till then I'll wait patiently So I ask whoever your god Please pray for me


dude you are great.