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Vision of a Vixen
Keith Feeney
A womans worth isn't depicted In the pictures in magazines Its a travesty I keep askin me What do I want Out of my dream woman And like 106 & park All I see is video vixens And smooth cover girls And I know there are other girls But I've been Desensitized into believing That that's what they should be Now before I go further I wanna offer a disclaimer I love a king mag spreads But real women don't have Air brush and make-up artists on staff So I have to ask myself What do I want ? I've dealt with women whose Only appeal was sexiness And I replaced them with another And I know I aint the only brotha With this feeling I mean I want something more appealing to me Than the physical I mean am wrong as a man To long for someone who Has more than 1 card in her hand I mean beauty fades right ? And then what are you left with See it all started At the beginning When everyone realized The beauty of black women And the new blaxploitation was born And just like the runway models Do crazy things to their body To maintain their notoriety The video vixens and king cover cuties Do whatever to get theirs So the quest for that 15 minutes Impairs the better judgement Of these girls Who many men consider To be hotties And then you read about the ones Who are letting plastic surgeons Chop and screw they body Just to stay ahead So I don't know what's real anymore Then the younger set sees And end concluding that That's what it takes To be noticed And we as men do the same By giving them the attention they "worked" for But we need to uplift Our women show them they're worth more Than the easy breezy Fallacy that is the Perfect female form I mean perfection is reserved For divine beings An though we all are trying to be that The truth is that perfection Lies within the reflection In the mirror And the perception of self One has between the ears One of my greatest fears Is that my daughter Will feel inadequate Whenever she sees pics Of her favorite starlet And will want to augment her appearance To make up for the fear that She may be inadequate aesthetically And though she's only a thought now My thought now is to change the culture So the next generation Has a better indication Of self worth


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