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Sup Dawgs Greenville NC
Back to the same spot, a week later, starting my night off with spice and budlight, later to move on to the tea pot. :) two guys with disgust in their eyes walked by, as if the service from the waitress and the price requested didn\'t match up, I honestly don\'t know why because she seems like the perfect service provider, with her southern draw, her well placed \"your very welcome\"\'s, and pink shirt cut around her neck to expose her right shoulder as if to fill your head to the brim with the desire to kiss the exposed skin, well. Maybe that\'s just me, thinking every member of the oposite sex is thinking seductive mishief in order to gain leadership over thoughts for their own shaninigans. Round two of the bitter bubbling brew, tinnnnnny bubbles and I\'m through, until I\'m back to earth below the roof, jk, rambling for no reason, I tend to get off track, so kindly everyonce and a while just guide me on back. So why am I here you ask? I don\'t even truly know, I think its because I\'m a dieing star, atempting to be a blackhole. Or atlest that\'s the direction I feel I\'m being pulled. Maybe round three will atleast ground me, and let me know.

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