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Peeking Lilies


Frosted lakes exhume my soul

Disturbed patriots return to the fold

Peeking lilies fodder for shame

Arise the feast of Sam Hain

Money slides forth between greased palms

Backs are stabbed without a qualm

Hatred, the nature of humanity

Death, the worst of life's calamity

Lives are mingled in a single mist

Eternally waiting to be kissed

Our missing half is what we crave

We look for it from cradle to the grave

Meekly searching for just one chance

Thinking we've found it in every glance

It is the glue that makes us right

All other troubles seem contrite

Lines trail on a single thought

Makes worthy the wars we fought

The drug enslaves out blood

The gates open and emotions flood

Thoughts are deep, breathing shallow

I am weak, these halls are hallowed

You learned, it seems, my secret crush

Now, into my arms you must rush

My mind echoes with your haunting

My torture belies your constant taunting

The words I print, they drip with ache

Yet still I print them for your sake

I am fighting for your cause

In hopes that you might miss my flaws

Your only presence is in my dreams

You'll never be real to me it seems

Bending away like blades of grass

My thoughts, too slow, become so crass

If only I could stand and be strong

I would not have been alone so long

For now, I'll stand alone in my right

For you, dear man, I'll never give up the fight



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