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Carried On The Wind


I looked into an overcast sky

Marveled at a snow white dove

Soaring through the air

A sinful peace crept over me

All noise melted away

I could hear a symphony in the distance

Orchestral comfortably numb

A veil of light dropped over me

My feet no longer touching the ground

Ancient voice spoke to me

Judgement stands alone

No more fear

No more shame

We are all but daisies

Bending in the wind

Caressed by the kiss of nature

Bright rituals

Softly dancing, spinning, whirling

Desire multiplies in leaps and bounds

I laugh at my own banality

And lack of life's essence

Real joy is found in all the littlest things

Real cool is being true to yourself

Sweet revelations come fly with me

Before heaven turns on the night

One more glimpse of what could be

Something to fuel my dreams

A glimmer of hope

That love does exist

And we can be fulfilled

As the dawn opens her eyes

Once more I look above

And realized the dove

Was just a plastic bag



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