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Old Queen


Add another box

Of sugar to the list

Of things you can't afford

As you scour mile by mile

For the fame you once accumulated

And let it adorn you like a crown

You thought you were a beauty queen

As it turns out

You're just a bitter hag

The lipstick prints

The clothes you wore

The endless cavalcade of movie stars

The world was your stage

The pretty boys who were your servants

All gone one by one

Tender roses for your throne

As cobwebs join the dust

Transvestite memories

Drive the pain home

I must admit

Never was there a day

You ever played it straight

True to form

You always lied

To those that failed your test

The days in which

You picked and chose

Are now a reminiscence

Pride is now baked and scalded

And laying barren in the sand

As you greet the aging crowd

For your tearful farewell performance

Remember the torch has passed

Into your children's hands

Now that the glory's gone

And the glamour has passed

Tell me, what will you do

As the sun sets on your life

Perhaps another cigarette and vodka tonic

To ease the parade of years

For you, the night will not come quietly

And the dark will not take you

Without a fight

Ornament yourself with battle gear

For one last waltz with the runway



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