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I Was There


Disaster casts it's shadow about

Clouds wash over the horizon

Gritty rain pelting down

Darkening the sidewalk

In this single dreary dream

Plastic dayglo phalicies

A prize won from the dorm

Rigid schoolboy fantasies

Come to light under the dawn

I speak a fluent weakness

As the night learns your name

Stilted daunting memories

Breathes with passion's fire

Incarcerated danger

Lapping against the shore

Dubious motion

Brags the bane

Of the master's lawn

Tears stained to glass

And trained to die

Far from the battlefield

Lucid thoughts escape from me

As slumber fogs overhead

Clogging rationality

I scream

"I was there"

Latent graphic images

Dance in a spinning haze

Of butterflies and buzz saws

And a beach walk on Christmas eve

You betray the truth

With your embrace

Laughing as the smoke clears

Come again to my tyrade

Where delicate passages

Fly apart

Diesel fuel, it drips so slowly

Beyond my chamber door

A distant voice cries to me from Italy

Where has October gone?

The dead, they stand

In groups of thousands

Patient enemy lines

The sway of favor

Travels back and forth

A chiming perpetual pendulum

Stunned into a brief hypnosis

By your spacious gaze

A boy into a man

In a fleeting moment

With the blink of an eye

Brag about your female conquests

To add color to your mask

Your one true face

Will not be concealed

I see your wanton smile

Dunes of doubt

Blow across the landscape of the heart

Arbitrary decisions

Lie heavy on the coast

Piercing cries like shattered glass

Broken at my feet

Laughing clowns in designer frocks

Speak ill of their game

Dirty dishwater visions

Casts a gloomy hue

If not for wilting lilies

We'd not survive the summer's eve



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