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Tidal Waves


Impressionist twilight

Dots the fatal landscape

Exhilarating brush with death

Grows wings inside the tomb

Mad whistler howls with rage

At the innocence of sound

Drunken men make easy targets

For hungry handsome boys

Masks of malice

Tears so blue

Hushed daylight forgives acquaintance

That echoes in the dark

Sweet cotillion refugees

At last embrace our way

Long suppressed fantasies at last become exonerated

Another straight boy casualty

Trapped inside a soul that dies

Desire comes in tidal waves

A force that knows no bounds

At that moment you must give in

Or never join the fray

Closet case, so destitute

Searching for an outlet

But without admittance to the club

You cannot face the night

Your sharpened sesitivity

Will slowly be dulled by time

And drastic dapper inquiries

Make cheap the quest for lust

Dozing lilies, fading lucidity

Inebriated plasticity

Make trueness come to light

Obsolete romantic articles

Bred by fire

Fed with want

Drab harmonies in straight jackets

Sramble for the door

Multitudes of souls

Scarred by desire

Rest at the bottom of the sea

Their ships long come and gone

Passed over, abandoned

An enchanting macabre reef

Altruistic concentrated appetite

Hangs the stars

From cresent moon

Engaging in the chorus

Of a willowy brotherhood song

Apalling husks of doubtful remorse

Nibble at my edge

Salty raging sandstorms

Exhausts the breath so sweet

That rains upon my cheeks

Lift me up among the clouds

So I may see you cry

And hear the phantom screams



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