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Brass Roses


A sadness imbibes me from the west

I look to the direction of your face

Trust is so easy with nothing to lose

Brass roses and blue marigolds

A darkness sweeps the land

Sad graffiti

Lawless love

Energetic bounds and leaps

Suffocating blasts of sentiment

Concrete waves of blissful tears

Armored gents, noble yet weak

Textured adonis upon the sheath

Sad sinful awareness

I swallow the pill

The chase without promise

A prize left to win

It's blowing quite careless

Cut loose to barter the night

Green moon with hauntings of rose

Beams with a smile

Drab households with fathers turned to stone

A closet for their sons

Valiant nightmares of phalic clay

Fashioned by the ample hands of Leonardo

Misty bribes so gray, but glossy

We're lost under the gun

Facetious grins, a tool for torture

A tame borderline sin

Your boisterous nature makes me laugh

Mere shame will not conceal

Your fearless boyhood quest for dark corners

Will soon outshine the mask

And truth will rear it's righteous head

In a tornadic gale of glory

And the brutish gazes that hide yourself

Will be brought before the court

Break now the dawn

Let flood the light

Subdue the fear

Unshackle yourself

And charge into our ranks

There is no freedom without toil

Ditches dug deep into the heart

It takes true skill to shame the beast

You cannot run and hide

Stick close like moss on elms

My lantern will light the way

There's bridges to burn between a life

On which we don't exist

Grace the wound with tender thought

Let the sting subside

Flagrant walks on pebbled sand

We've heard the cries of Christ

The sea grows weary with ceaseless drone

The earth will ever spin

As flocks of sheep do wanter back

Into the light sublime



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