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Church Steeples, Tent Poles


Imbibing the booze

Before you schmooze

I knew I would lose

Before I read the news

Raised on steroids

Trying to avoid

The steamy tabloid

Become so annoyed

Planning ahead

Tossing in bed

Raising the dead

The rose is so red

Wanting the best

Taking the test

Staying well dressed

Puts rumors to rest

Rolling on the beach

For you I will reach

And not beseech

But beg you to teach

On the sand we roll

After our stroll

Body to body, soul to soul

Church steeples, tent poles

Let our time begin

Let's burn in our sin

Wear shameless new grins

In the end we will win

Stars to be our guide

Never shall we hide

We've nothing but pride

When prejudice has died

Untouched like new fallen snow

Free wherever we go

Don't have to feel you to know

The fascinating glow

Lost in this dream

Of amber sunbeams

Not quite what they seem

Or your eyes that so gleam

A vision of smoke

A lonesome cow-poke

Fires to stoke

Egos to stroke

Surrender the hunt

Stifle your stunts

Emotion so blunt

Your little love grunts

To be part of the shaft

To love fore and aft

To master the craft

To come in from the draft

To sex in your brawl

Your sad southern drawl

The way I would crawl

Just to make you fall

We are in bloom

Will you be my groom?

Come back to our room

Don't make it a tomb

We don't have to make sense

You don't need pain to wince

Don't get lost in the rinse

Don't stray beyond the fence

I beg you, come home

There's no need to roam

The oceans of foam

Will flood your catacombs



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