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World Of Chrome


Broken fragments

Of a fragmented mind

Growing stagnant

And so hard to find

Exhuming hatred

While losing my grip

I feel outdated

As my sanity slips

Drifting lost

In the chaotic dance

While you exhaust

Your final chance

So glorious

In my steel cage dream

I'll be victorious

With my inflated scheme

Walking barefoot

On jagged glass

There's danger afoot

That I can't bypass

Careful whom

You designate

A baleful tomb

You can't penetrate

Emotions aflutter

In satirical bits

The camera shutter

Causes raging fits

Roguish style

On softened lips

No denial

Of my total eclipse

There's no intrusion

At this early stage

There's no inclusion

Of love on this page

I feel I write

These notes postmortem

Boys of the night

I can't afford them

Spinning dancehalls

Making me dizzy

Endless phone calls

Keeping me busy

The heat rises

In this arcade of lust

Bleeding iris

Lost in the game of trust

My heart pounds

On the devil's anvil

My head spins round

I need some advil

Something's amiss

In my chromosomes

My darling, this

Is my world of chrome



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