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Bound To Burn


Rising tide

In a brisk blue sky


Is a distant cry

Taking chances

On an open door

Catching glances

From the dance floor

Stand so close

I can feel your heart

Plant a rose

In the shadow of defeat

In my desire

A lesson to learn

You dance in fire

You're bound to burn

Soaring in bliss

To the mystic trap

So I won't miss

The ecstasy nap

I step to you

To meet your dare

Can't be true

That you might care

The sky blooms

A sea of dreams

Encased in this room

My bounty of screams

I am a lender

Of my love all-a-rust

I am a contender

In this game of trust

Lashing out

To defeat your tease

Because I doubt

That I could ever please

Of my fears

Let me be assured

Of these tears

Let me be cured



Tags: love

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