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The Moment


Sweet violet subterfuge

Bronzing my emotions

Soft rain falling

On the land where we lay

My dreams made of sponge

Dripping with imagination

An eerie October wind

Makes autumn leaves take flight

Voices floating in waves

Calling my name

This heart is haunted

Apparitions in sleep

An image planted so long ago

That returns to me nightly

A bed of roses

Petals soft as silk

Falling lund as thunder

Senses sharpened

In a trip of ecstasy

A moment immoralized

In the folds of my memory

On hundred days of glory

Lost in a breath

A soul divided

From a battle of yearning

An inkling of shadow

Laying just beyond my grasp

A conspiracy of pain

The target is me

Reality drifting away

On a grain of sand

Slowly drowning

In a tidal wave

A heart of felt

A hand full of straw

Sliding on the shore

Rowing for the sea

God only knows

Where my destination will be




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