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The Kiss


Blades of grass

Reaching to heaven

Shards of glass

Shattered by breathren

Docile masters

Teach the youth

Raving pastors

Pray for truth

Guarded sunbeams

Betray your wealth

Brazen dreams

Squandered your health

Too much fear

To visit great apple

A haunting sphere

Of which you must grapple

A daring gaze

And biceps so ample

A tasty dish glazed

That I really must sample

Forest darkened

To a dismal hue

Angels harkened

A love song so true

Beads of sweat

Drop to the ocean

A mountain of regret

Arise in commotion

Delicate hands

Gloved in scarlet

A face so grand

A born movie starlet

It's no shame

That you happen to be male

A different frame

From those who distrust the tale

Stay strong my child

Embrace this bliss

Dance in the wild

Remember this kiss



Tags: love

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