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The Beast


Crackling pop

Sings the dizzy fire

Sit atop

This mountain of liars

Join with me

In this romantic feast

You can see

The underlying beast

Loud and brazen

Rude to the core

Eyes aglazen

But still I adore

Part of the tribe

We'll drink from this flask

When you're imbibed

I will remove your mask

Only to reveal

The beauty beneath

So I can feel

The sex that you seethe

The beast has lost

He's fallen flat

Too great the cost

To wear the hat

No more intimidation

No more cowering in fear

No more confrontation

Just love that lasts all year

I have won

The sacred ring toss

Won't be the one

To suffer a loss

Lay down your arms

Be a part of the dance

Give in to my charms

Live this romance



Tags: love

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