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mother may you listen now
I'm 6 foot in the ground, i see you from up above while you stand in front of the body i left behind.i see only what i hope to never understand i see a tear fall from your cheek were i use to kiss you the place i use to snuggle when i was hurt when i was in the pain of you and others.i see you walking away empty minded with nothing to say except i hear for words come from a place were confusion use to come over me. i hear it was my fault. i hear the sorrow that you are in. i hear the words Ive always wanted to hear when i was young.... im sorry.... the words make me weak the words send me into tears as pick myself off the floor of were i stand and stare. i see your pain and now i understand why you never said those words. i see why it was hard for you to see what i was going through. you were looking behind the eyes you had given when you were a child i see the ear of hearing your mother walkin through the house you scare as much as youve ever been.. you look at me as a mistake but i see you as my bestfriend and i dont blame you as i once did i ee your pain and now let me show you mine before its to late before im gone before... wait i forgot im already six foot in the ground from you and al the misarry and pain... i hear you walkin away i see you leaving me there with no questions being asked.. maybe i seen the wrong you before but now i am clear as glass.. your scared of life itsself and now you shall walk away from all in the world.. i shall now let you hear how i feel im as empty and as scared as you are and now you know its to late for me but are to change with now knowin it was your fault... words from a scared misunderstood girl

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