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Happy Birthday
It's another happy birthday, what a stupid sham. Flash fried, freze dried, and packed in a can. People forget, and no one gives a fuck. It takes all their energy just to show up. They plop a gift on the table along with the rest, trying to manage half a smile at best. They all try and sing, but it's just plain and dull. A waste of time to say these lines which dribble from their skulls. You blow out the clump of candles and make a little wish. The friendship around here has the pungent odor of rotting fish. Everyone's here entirely for the cake, the drive there though, wasn't worth the wait. They wolf it down and wait in anticipation, the presents are opened in a modest presentation. Nothing good, it's all crap. Garbage bought by foulish saps. Show them the door never to return, the birthday you regret the most is when you were born.

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