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Dance In The Magic


On a slow burn like a candle

I've got more love than you can handle

Just home-fresh from the battle

In a cage I cannot rattle

I am consumed by the flame

Will you say you feel the same

Will our end arrive so tragic

Or let ourselves dance in the magic

Never give in to your hate

Feel my love before it's too late

Come satisfy this appetite

Sway with me in the shattered light

Your name rolls around in my brain

Your face so sweet like sugar cane

You made me feel like a prince

I haven't been the same since

So won't you allow me another dose

Come to my room and hold me close

I'd say "I love you" if I could

But not really sure if I should

While I was touching your shoulder

I was wondering if I should be bolder

Sit with me in the sodium haze

Be my nights and share my days.



Tags: love

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