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Chasing Ghosts


Dancing scars

Bleeding salt

Speeding cars

Screeching halt

Mad drizzle

Wicked fog

Passion fizzles

Outside Praague

Chasing ghosts

Until the dawn

Bragging hosts

Passed out on the lawn

Rabid vampire

Crazy in the night

As we aspire

To the automatic flight

From madness

I must refrain

Or undress

And go insane

The heart is pierced

Run through and speared

The power so fierce

All that's left is fear

Thought there was trust

That we had formed a bond

Was it only lust

For someone so blonde

To forget

Is a daring task

To lose the bet

And remove the mask

For too long

The secret kept

It's so wrong

To laugh as you wept

I won't deny

My feelings are deep

You can't defy

A price so steep

Sitting on a throne

Wearing your crown

I am all alone

And wearing a frown



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