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Face The Never


Why do you tease

When you don't really care

Your heart would freeze

If you knew how I stare

You don't know

Just what you do to me

The lengths I would go

If only I could make you see

Not to say

I don't like what you do

I beg for the day

That you feel it too

I don't know why

You're the one I want

I almost cry

It's my thoughts you haunt

You'd laugh in my face

If you knew the truth

Never in your grace

Your body so smooth

The world would be mine

If there was truth in your touch

Everything would be fine

If you'd want me as much

Always in my thoughts

You make my heart race

I feel distraught

I can't keep up this pace

Have to face the fact

We'll never be together

Try to keep myself intact

Try to face the never



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