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Promise Fulfilled


Time stands still

As I am lost in your eyes

A love so real

It can never be a lie

A promise fulfilled

As we spread wings and fly

It's my will

To take you to the sky

A gift from the heart

A single crimson rose

So right from the start

It just grows and grows

May be worlds apart

But still the river flows

The heart is not smart

With all the things it knows

You came to me

And wiped away my tears

A wind rustled tree

That ever calms my fears

I can forever see

Every time you draw me near

I dream to be

Alone with you dear

I want to stay

With you in this dream

Can we dance and play

Out among the sunbeams

I long to spend the day

Wading together in the stream

I won't hurt you that way

I won't make you scream

There is nothing to lose

If you'd just care

Loosen the screws

If you still dare

You won't need to choose

When tempers flare

We'll be the news

If you're not scared

We will be lost

In all these emotions

We'll damn the cost

As we drift on the oceans

Each river crossed

Withouth the slightest notion

Anger will be tossed

Without the slightest motion

There is no end

When I'm with you

Love notes I'll send

When you're feeling blue

Backwards I'll bend

To keep this love new

Forever to defend

Something so completely true



Tags: love

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