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My eyes meet yours as they see their last sight

My love will survive as I pass into the eternal night

My lips speak your name with the last breath I take

They can take our lives but our passions they can't break

I cursed the stars that we wished upon

We loved to dance to love's sweet song

You were an angel with invisible wings

Each time you touch me, my body sings

Destined for each other, yet doomed from the start

A bittersweet arrow that pierces this heart

My heard had not loved until we met

I hadn't known true beauty, hadn't known it yet

We had everything in this fairy tale romance

We had it all because we took the chance

You kissed me and my heart raced

The world faded away as I touched your face

But the fates stepped in and we lost our way

Our story becomes legend from this very day

The end is near but death has not won

From this life away we'll run

When it's over we'll be together at last

We shall embrace as we outrun the past



Tags: love

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