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Dream Boy


You smile at me with a demon's grin

Your tongue is the cloth that washes my sin

You are the face of love deluxe

A spider web in a black tux

You are the broom that whisks me aside

You are the secret that I dare not hide

Sudden and vicious and cold to the touch

Yet vibrant and radiant and alive and such

You take the form of a lustful boy

I am engaging in your teasing ploy

I am the pawn in your game of trust

In your absence I'm reduced to dust

Lavender burns within your eyes

The color seems to stifle my cries

Lifted words from a passing drone

Wretched tears squeezed through the phone

Cruising for the passion line

While fruits ripen on the vine

Even though I've loved you less

I will subside your lonliness

Even though I pick this rose

In it's place another grows

The same is said of our good days

When we love and laugh and live and play

And so it seems the thing to do

I will give my love to you



Tags: love

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