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The Tower


Gothic churches

Perching the steeples

My apathy lurches

For the passing people

Begrudging trust

On poisoned seeds

Suffered lust

In dirty deeds

Devil be damned

On soiled sheets

I'll not be scammed

By lethargic feats

Blood trickles

From the tender scar

So fickle

A natural born star

The battle is set

Troops are positioned

The fates have met

We'll not fail this mission

The moment's here

I drop to my knees

I cast my fear

To the cursed trees

There's joy in numbers

Preach the misled

The giant slumbers

On a thousand dead

Livid joy

End mortal pain

Dancing boys

Love the rain

Lovers rejoice

Although haunted by shadow

Finding a voice

In this recent mad glow

So here I stand

In this makeshift shower

I see all the land

Up here-atop the tower



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