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On The Pier


I found you soaking wet last year

You were dancing in the rain on the pier

At the time it seemed you were just a child

You captured my heart each time you smiled

I am burning inside by the warmth of your gaze

I am taking that step to lengthen our days

You are so perfect in my mental photograph

"He was so perfect" will be your epitaph

An angel wearing a mortal disguise

I'm not fooled, I see you touch the skies

Always on my mind so gentle and sweet

And when we touch, it generates heat

Like puzzle pieces, we were made to fit

I'm still dazzled by your electrifying wit

There's nowhere I'll be without you at my side

My truthful heart I shall not ever hide

We'll go on living together without rage

We'll still be there when life turns the page

When the music stops I'll never fear

We'll still be dancing in the rain on the pier



Tags: love

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