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Surviving Dead


You smile

And my wings flutter

Such style

Before the camera shutter

Your whisps

Tickle my face

So crisp

Is the love in this place

My soul invaded

By your eyes of blue

I am persuaded

By the magic of you

Standing divided

By this calculated risk

Desires collided

The coolness quite brisk

Dancing bare

Under sun sweet touch

I think I care

For you too much

When I'm alone

The wind whips so cold

The seeds are sewn

My desperation so bold

Your presence

Sheds away the years

Your absence

Will draw forth the tears

No stars to defy

Should you fade away

No one to rely

If you leave me this way

I'll be your toy

I'll be your fool

I'll be the boy

That you teach in school

Lost in a land

Of unfamiliar souls

Malicious grand

In this delicious role

Awakening dawn

On this quivering bed

Delicately drawn

As the surviving dead



Tags: love

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