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Come Out


Roses bloom

In a ballroom waltz

Drown in gloom

Wounds that bleed salt

Oh sweet passion

Come unto me

Let this fashion

Set me free

My eyes are branded

With your perfect face

Don't say we've landed

Too far from this race

On your wings

I wish to soar

It only brings

Me to beg for more

One morsel

Won't slow this whim

Clutching your dorsal

As we lazily swim

Burning this night

In a blue golden sky

Picking a fight

Without knowing why

Travel lost

With me if you dare

There is no cost

If you really care

Soft crying

Lost in your arms

No dying

Healed by your charms

Their visual daggers

Pierce not this skin

Your sexy swagger

Forgives the sin I'm in

This thing that I feel

I could never doubt

This thing is real

You can come out.



Tags: love

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