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Wind Of Souls


The wind of souls

Blows with gale force today

Bending my soul like a willow

Drawing me nearer

To the symphony of snow flakes

Singing and drifting

Dancing and frolicking

All in the name of Daria, The Ice Princess

Reigning the dead season

My winter is set

No chance for change

Infinitely alone and frozen to the ground

On which I will die

On which I now cry

For the season of birth

And the Queen of blossoms

How I mourn her untimely passing

Clouds in the sky

Are descending among the common folk

Preaching a gloomy sermon

Perhaps a warm prayer shall be granted

And I'll be whisked away

On the wings of the shadow master

Back to emerald dreams

Ruby streams and golden sunbeams

Dropping me softly to a mattress of down.



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