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Scattered Dreams


Scattered dreams

Through floating time

Disturbing scenes

Wash ashore on bitter brine


Chaotic plans

Soon fly apart

Mystic fans

Dying from the heart


Visual ecstasy

Lasts only as long as a memory

Fleshed fantasy

Satisfies everything sensory


Wading through pages

Provides my stimulation

Succumbing to rages

Is only a simulation


Wandering eyes

Never sates the appetite

Desire to fly

Does not necessitate flight


Through the years

Desire becomes sick and yellow

Misspent tears

Will not buy me that fellow


A chorus of angels

Flutters above

Playing thier bells

But not beating love


Fear is a cloud

That clogs my mind

If only to lift the shroud

Happiness I just might find


Can you feel my voice?

As it eternally lingers

Stroking your choice

Like cotton-tipped fingers


Can you read my thoughts

As this sleepy fog does lift

Remind me that I fought

To make this journey swift


I do not want this emptiness

I wish to be at last fulfilled

I wish to end this sadness

And find my champagne waiting and chilled



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