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Susie Salmon
Susie Salmon. (Based On The Lovely Bones)

I was 14years old when it happened.,
and it's as if I was never there.

in the cornfields,
brisk wind seeping upon my face...
and an eerie silence that consumes my thoughts.

Selfishly raped and murdered
within' the blink of one eye.

Never had I imagined to be faced
with such a monstrous force such
as Mr.Harvey.

That was my killer.

Departed from hell on earth,
only to remain stuck in the in-between.

and forever changing...
the in-between.

Never in a million years would I have thought I'd
come across such a converse state.

It's a dream within' a dream...
anything and everything you could ever imagine,
I have right before my eyes.

No matter how far I travel,
in any direction...
I'm forever reaching this gazebo.

Standing solitary,
I arrive only to find an antidote for their pain
and foresee the path to justice.

I want only to come to grips with why this
happened to me,
and let go of everything I've ever known.

But I can't.

Not because I don't want to,
but because I have not completed my mission.

And still I'm torn.

Like a detective, observing a suspect through a 1 way mirror,
it is I looking in on the Salmons.

Day by day their lives move on,
saddens me to know I will never be apart of
what was once,

But then I came to my conclusion..
I must not be selfish.

In order for my family to grow,
I had to die...
and for that,
I am at ease.

Departed from hell on earth,
greeted by the souls Mr.Harvey had
preyed upon.

So no longer am I uneasy.

No longer am I holding onto life's troubles,
for now I've realized...
I am home

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