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Iam unstable.

Darkness consumes what little hope I have left inside of me. Spreading like a virus
making sure to reach every bone in my body.

I lay there, drowning in my own thoughts..
Gasping for air as if it were my last breath,
but instead of death.. pain, Of any way to feel, this is my norm.

Pain, peircing into my flesh on a daily basis,
unaware of my surroundings it's not uncommon to get
lost in my own way.

Countless nights left alone to wonder if you were ever coming back to me,
Only to discover the door you walked out of will never be the door
for which you enter.

Sickened with time, I choke..
Choking at the slight attempt to speak of your name.

Eyes bloodshot.

Blame it on the voice inside my head that told me to bleed it out.

Bleed it out!

Not for me, but for you.

Sometimes I do not live, but become a lost soul
lingering in a strangers body.

Residing in a blackhole, im hungry for a purpose
I strive for exsistance,
but never being able to reach the top in order
to climb out.

Repression, Depression.. and in my reflection,

The one thing that tore me apart was the one thing you
promised you'd never do, leave.

Broken into pieces my life lays shattered on the concrete floor.

Fragile and weak, I lay there.

Unable to move let alone open my eyes for one second,

can't take the chance of witnessing another tradjedy,

that just might kill me.

Burdoned with guilt as I process what happened,
although I didn't pull that trigger..
i play a major roll.

Blinded by our memories makes my train of thought unstable.

Pill after pill, drink after drink.

Seems to me nothing blurs out all the sorrow I feel within' my
heart, upon my soul.

This aint how it's supposed to go...
Unliving my life, to relive yours,
but your not coming back.

Guess i've got to face reality,
that this is how it has to be..



beautiful. although your poem is so focused on this one issue. i felt able to connect to lines. the sort of poem you can take a piece of and remember.