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Once upon a time

In a faraway place

An angel of earth was born

By God's good grace

A happy little boy

With his robots and cars

Not yet knowing

Life can leave scars

Introduced early

Into tragedy

Still he survives

And he's here with me

Now he spends his time

In the shaded part

Never telling

What is on his heart

For all that he wishes

Is to get away

The mind is forceful

But the heart betrays

I want to rescue

I want to save this man

And bring him with me

To the life we planned

He is my hero

I admire his strength

We've had this discussion

At great length

Patiently waiting

For our dream come true

My love I promise

I will marry you

In my arms

You will always stay

We live to love

Yet another day

This is your story

But it has no end

Because our time is coming

Just around the bend

You are my heart and soul

You're my everything

I could live forever

On the love you bring



Tags: love

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