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The Battle

Disgusted and Used.
Angry and Confused.

Alone and Scared.
Helpless and Unprepared.

Exhausted and Weak.
Abused and Tweaked.

Broken and Torn.
Battered and Scorned.

The struggle of a Lost Soul.
Powerless, Useless, Now Unknown.

Forced and Controlled.
Manipulated and Sold.

Abandoned and Neglected.
Unwanted and Rejected.

Grim and Crushed.
Forgotten and Flushed.

Vulnerable and Horrified.
Wounded and Victimized.

The struggle of a Tormented Mind.
Powerless, Useless, Left Unrefined.

Troubled and Dull.
Weary and Brittle.

Shocked and Mortified.
Miserable and Paralyzed.

Ridiculed and Stunned.
Stole and Numb.

The struggle of a Mangled Body.
Powerless, Useless, Deemed Unworthy.

Tortured and Cold.
Furious and Shameful.

Bitter and Strayed.
Sorrowed and Betrayed.

Comatose and Alienated.
Depressed and Tainted.

Beaten and Stricken.
Scarred and Sickened.

The struggle of a Bloodless Heart.
Powerless, Useless, Ripped Apart.

-Pareesha N.E. Leitos

*Break the Silence*

-Dedicated to Sexual Assault Awarness Month.

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