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I have fallen

Love come and rescue me

Save me from this person

This person I've become

I don't seen to recognize

The face in the mirror

Take all this sadness and guilt and shame

Throw it all away

Help me to get over the tears in my mother's eyes

Help me to find the strength

That I know I possess

Make me realize that truth equates honesty

And that lies only destroy

Help me to find the boy I used to know

He was so fun and yet so admirable

I miss him and I feel

He's out there somewhere

Lost and cold

And looking for me

Help me to figure out how

How I could have lost him in the first place

I desperately want

To be the person I used to be

To be the best I can be

I am lost

Please show me the way

Tell me how to get there from here

Tell me how

To patiently wait for that glorious day

Without falling again




Tags: sadness

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