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Tabloid Schizoid


Tabloid schizoid

Where are you now?

Who's been forsaken

While you search for your tao?

Have you found another

Freak to show you how?


Multi-layered little player

Can you make it on your own?

How do you fool everyone

Into believing that you're grown?

How do you convince yourself

That you're not an unknown?


Little loopy trashy groupy

How do you hold it together?

In your little fantasy world

Tell me, how's the weather?

Why aren't you falling apart

As your sanity hangs by a tether?


Night stalker, street walker

Still breaking all the rules

So sad, too bad

How much you think you're cool

'Cause everyone but you

Knows that you're just a fool


In the dark, little track marks

Go on, worship your flunkies

Please clue me in

How you can afford to be a junkie

Does it really make you feel

Much like a flying monkey


Discreet humper, bible thumper

Who died and made you God?

Who the hell chose you

To tell us that we're odd

To tell me I'm wrong

Just 'cause I want his bod


Failed mission, Mr. politician

How do you pass the hour

How did you manage to trick us

Into giving you so much power

After the scandal fades

We'll find you in the bell tower


Pesticide, genocide

Murderer of your own kind

Playing with your guns and drugs

Thinking, "What a find"

Forgot your morals

Running on a numb mind


Celebrity wanna be

You forgot your talent

When the pre-teens turn away

How will you pay your rent?

Perhaps you can sell your golden locks

With any luck, you'll just get bent


Gigolo, nasty ho

How easy is it to bed flop?

Do you sex so much

That you need a mop?

Hasn't anyone shown you

How and when to stop?


Beatnik poet

Your only love is your pen

Have you ever told anyone

How long it's been

To be this alone

Is bound to be a sin




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