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Dance On The Edge


Slipping through

The pages of time

Caressing the momentary

Rhythm and rhyme

Whining and moaning

Waxing operatic

Surfing the channels

Only picking up static

Riding the tide

Floating to the shore

Never knowing

What life has in store

Forever struggling

To gain total control

Always digging

To get out of this hole

Searching the crowd

For familiar faces

While hanging out

In unfamiliar places

Living too wild

Giving in to danger

Giving up your life

To yet another stranger

Laugh out loud

As you dance on the edge

There'll be no screams

When you fall off the ledge

Forsake the earth

You high star gazer

Remain oblivious

To the sting of the razor




Tags: other

I loved your poem, the rhyme took me away! it was amazing.